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CultureMoves aims to demonstrate the value of reimagining the ways in which content can be used to encourage dancers to develop their creativity. Central to the project is a consideration of how dance can create new forms of engagement to spread the knowledge of cultural heritage and also the history of a territory. In an effort to do this the team created four webinars that range in length from 20-30 minutes. They are freely available and accessible online via the CultureMoves website and our Youtube channel. Each webinar reflects a strand of the project’s work, Europeana content, and is part of the online toolkit of the project.

Webinar 1: Intangible cultural Heritage , Dance and Technology
This webinar looks at the intersections between intangible cultural heritage and different forms of digital storytelling, documentation and annotation, with a focus on the CultureMoves digital toolkit, and especially the annotation tool, MotionNotes. The CultureMoves toolkit brings together the material body and the digital and is a meeting place where the user can consider archives and the immaterial.

Webinar 2a:  Dance LabDays
This webinar looks to the Dance LabDay interdisciplinary workshops curated by the COVUNI CultureMoves team, exploring the methodology behind them and the types of theoretical and practical activities they comprised. We also point you towards our tips for designing an interdisciplinary LabDay style workshop.
Webinar 2b: Storyboard of the Carrara LabDay 
This webinar shows the methodology that was adopted during the LabDay organised in Carrara (Italy) by Fondazione Sistema Toscana in order to actively engage the CultureMoves stakeholders and involve them in a co-creative process to identify best cases and innovative ideas for the promotion of a less known destination. This webinar tries to provide other people with helpful tools to replicate a similar experience        

Webinar 3: Dance, tourism and digital technologies 
In this webinar we will explore the demonstration activity of the CultureMoves project in the tourism scenario. The objective of this activity is to demonstrate in operational condition how creative reuse of contents and dance con promote a less known destination. The webinar presents the activities carried out by Fondazione Sistema Toscana that brought to the Dance (Algo)Rhythms video installation and then to the final outcome: a promotional video of Riviera Apuana.

Webinar 4: Dance, Site and Digital Storytelling
This webinar looks at Dance, site, the ways in which spaces are marked by bodies, how we might encounter spaces differently through dance and through the body, and how that might feed into both the touristic gaze and the touristic experience (citing Coventry, its cathedral as a tourist site and the tradition of liturgical dance within that site). The webinar ends with bullet points on things to consider when organising a Dance LabDay and offers insight into an online digital exhibition and its curatorial process.  

Cover Image Credits: "A day in the life of a curator in Copenhagen". Statens Museum for Kunst. Europeana Foundation. CC BY-SA